Friday, January 6, 2017


Humans are social animals!
We socialize to live and we live to socialize.
People are getting insecure at every step in their life and they impose it on others.
A boss blurting it out on his employee, a husband shouting at his wife.
I shall TRY to express it more profoundly may be!
Humans have the tendency to socialize and on the top of that in this fast-growing world, we are running so short of time and energy but socializing is something programmed in our genes forever, so through social medias virtual socialization is taking place.
The insecurities are growing exponentially, the grass looks greener on the other side, the materialistic life is dominating not realizing the adverse effects of it, we go on with the wind!

 People are getting restless And so fidgety that they can't take a long breathe and be in the moment even for a minute.
I too am bound by tendencies same as anyone else, intolerance is growing more than I ever expected!
What is the need of the hour in todays world it seems is patience, tolerance, understanding and on the top of that persistent faith in their loved ones because what I believe is that compassion, kindness and love are also programmed in our genetic chips.

 When someone else can go to extreme setbacks for you many a times which you might forget with time but you should be resistant to the fluctuations in your relationships be it brother-sister relationship or any other relationship and remind uaself of the sacrifices by your lovers. If today your loved ones behave rudely that might be because of so many insecurities developed in every societies and your loved one might have been hit by one of the many insecurities ( let say career insecurities). Don't desert him or her at such times, that is when they need you the most!..

.where did i start from and where did i end buuuut look back and remember your hard times! Don't desert noone! Just be calm no insecurities is big enough to flood your hopes and dreams..... :)...
Midnight thoughts......... 

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