Friday, January 6, 2017


Humans are social animals!
We socialize to live and we live to socialize.
People are getting insecure at every step in their life and they impose it on others.
A boss blurting it out on his employee, a husband shouting at his wife.
I shall TRY to express it more profoundly may be!
Humans have the tendency to socialize and on the top of that in this fast-growing world, we are running so short of time and energy but socializing is something programmed in our genes forever, so through social medias virtual socialization is taking place.
The insecurities are growing exponentially, the grass looks greener on the other side, the materialistic life is dominating not realizing the adverse effects of it, we go on with the wind!

 People are getting restless And so fidgety that they can't take a long breathe and be in the moment even for a minute.
I too am bound by tendencies same as anyone else, intolerance is growing more than I ever expected!
What is the need of the hour in todays world it seems is patience, tolerance, understanding and on the top of that persistent faith in their loved ones because what I believe is that compassion, kindness and love are also programmed in our genetic chips.

 When someone else can go to extreme setbacks for you many a times which you might forget with time but you should be resistant to the fluctuations in your relationships be it brother-sister relationship or any other relationship and remind uaself of the sacrifices by your lovers. If today your loved ones behave rudely that might be because of so many insecurities developed in every societies and your loved one might have been hit by one of the many insecurities ( let say career insecurities). Don't desert him or her at such times, that is when they need you the most!..

.where did i start from and where did i end buuuut look back and remember your hard times! Don't desert noone! Just be calm no insecurities is big enough to flood your hopes and dreams..... :)...
Midnight thoughts......... 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

banished soul.......

the free soul
singing to the melodies of the cosmos...
bound by the infinity of the sky..
slyly eluding all the adversities...
embracing all the euphorias.....

the free soul
is now captivated by the mores
dancing to the cliche'd emotions
bound by the ephemeral joys
slowly sinking into the sea of sadness

dear "soul"
moor your ship to the shores of the ocean 'joy'
banish but not the soul hey!
radiate happiness, come what may..
wherever you go, joys and joys you lay
limit your soul not even to the sky
fly, fly and  fly high ................................

banish not the soul , captivate the joys
live!! fly !! go!! and i will follow................

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Am I there?

Who art thou? 

This question makes me wonder my own existence... Do I really exist? If I do exist, where exactly is the locus of my being? 
What if my reality is just an outcome of someone else's imagination, may be, of a higher being.... Or what if I do not exist at all and everything I am experiencing is merely a thought process? Or what if everything is just a form of energy? .. 

Well despite all such thoughts, I do not stop using the word" I ", may be that "I" can be the locus of my existence or may be not... 

No matter whether I exist  for real or not, there are things in my so called life that i cherish and things that i have a strong aversion for.
 Life goes on, it hardly matters what reality really is... 

Am i there? 
Or Am i not? 

Memories, are you for real? 
Hopes, can you light me up? 
Love, are you brave enough? 
Life, are you worth it? 

Memories are energetic enough to bring something into action so is the case with hopes. Memories, we create and we cherish lifelong..... 
Hope keeps us going no matter how hard life is... 
Love is all that we yearn for, love from everyone. Love is a form of energy that gives us wings to fly into the extremes of wonderland... 

..................No matter how hard things are, do not give up your hopes for whatever you endeavour, it will be answered..... There are some things that keep us going.... Hope, love, life, and above all the curiosity to find an answer........ Keep burning ya all''''
.....So Long..... 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

falling yet flying

beautiful everything!
yet my non-resonating soul (sigh!)

blooming flowers and blossoming smiles
bright sunbeams and glowing faces

my agonized existence and my blazed faith 
my gloomy life and my banished soul 
i cry and i bleed

i live with hopes held high!

the revered sunbeams
will invade and subdue the darkness...
the ever blossoming smiles of the flowers
will bring smiles to my malnourished soul

As my soul falls through the gorges of my pain
i will fly through the valleys of  my joys.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

love at first sight

this "being" took my heart away.
i would like to call it "Jasmine"

On a busy road Jasmine found me. The question still goes in my mind - Why me?
In a place like Delhi, people(strangers) don't usually communicate, they don't have time for strangers which is in itself justifiable but still....
Out in the hassles of this city Jasmine found me. She just started following me, I took it casually as anyone would do the same. I stopped at a stall, asked for a juice for myself, Jasmine was staring at me persistently, then I figured out that she must be starving and expecting someone to feed her. The store keeper fed her biscuits. She reacted as if she didn't like the biscuits. I thought "ok, may be you are not hungry. "
I had to go to the other side of the road, so i started crossing the road which was in itself a big task, i realized halfway, Jasmine was following me! Startled I was! As crossing the road was not an easy task even for a human let alone Jasmine. A car driver was kind enough to slow down for Jasmine to pass, then I helped her to cross the other half.
I was walking down the road looking for an auto Rickshaw or a bus towards my destination. Jasmine was following me like a child follows her mother. I wondered what if Jasmine was starving but she didn't like the biscuits. So I looked for a stall again and fortunate I was to find one! I asked the owner of the stall- what would she eat? He responded as if i was not serious as anyone would be suspicious about what i just asked, no one cares what a stray dog would like to eat. He said biscuits, i said no!
He suggested may be omelette, I said "ok" , there was no harm in trying that.
To my surprise, she started eating that, then I figured out that -Yes! she was starving.
Just as she started eating. I saw that the bus i was supposed to board was rushing towards the bus stop which was 10-15 steps away. I thought now that she found something to eat, she wouldn't follow me and even i wouldn't have that bad feeling of leaving her hungry so I ran for the bus.
I boarded the bus and took the seat. This is the point where I got my goosebumps and a very strange feeling which I had never had for a being other than human. Jasmine was at the bus stop, she followed me, I didn't realize, she left the omelette  incomplete. The bus had already started. I just felt something very different(indeed with a guilt feeling). Jasmine wasn't starving, Jasmine was looking for a company in this busy city, where no one has the time. I feel bad as Jasmine again proved that money can't buy happiness. You need to spend time with your loved ones, you need to find time for those who care about you. You don't need money to be happy! Happiness is being together!
I feel bad for I couldn't give much to her but hope keeps us alive, where, to meet and part is a way of life and to part and meet is the hope of life!

Friday, September 18, 2015

among the valleys of my imaginations

among the valleys of my imaginations
there are soothing aromas of wild floras
unfurling the memories attached

among the valleys of my imaginations
there blows the gentle breeze
riding that swift wind-horse
i gently get vanished into the horizon

among the valleys of my imaginations
there are places where i sit by a brook
i listen to the melodious melodies it makes
the hurdles of mighty rocks brings forth the melody
the rocks that impede the flow makes the music.
           Things that hinder me in my life makes my life melodious.

among the valleys of my imaginations
i sit by you and every time a new mystery land unfolds,
new memories are moulded, new heights scaled.
among the valleys of my imaginations
your valley is where i believe i belong.

with you by my side,
valleys of my imaginations will grow into valleys of  my life.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


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