Sunday, June 23, 2013

an ode to you amalay, my dear mother,

in the abyss of your love, i want to be lost forever,
for nothing sacred than your love, had i experienced ever,
your love runs through my veins, my fleshes made from your pains
never can i repay you even  in hundred lives to come,
hardships you've resisted amalay, just to make me smile,
for you, i know that crossing mountains of thorns barefooted is nothing, if that makes you happy,
you've gone through unimaginable pains, fought with your abilities always,
but never will you let me be in pain for your love is beyond everything on this planet.

all the sacrifices made in this world are shallow
when it comes to the depth of my dear mother's sacrifices,
agonies we talk everyday,  those agonies are hollow
my mother has gone through torments as hot as fire, as stormy as hurricanes
only so that i can bask in the sunshine and admire the rainbow after the hurricanes
upon seeing your altruistic love towards me,
heavenly beings can't cease their watery eyes from tears.

of all the glories, if any, have i ever acquired,
being your child is the only glory where i consider myself the luckiest.
blessed i am to be wrapped in your aura,
your love-ated blood that runs through my arteries cleanse my soul everyday

similes, metaphors, words, can't pour out my feelings
you should see the way i tremble when i feel my mother's love ,
the tears that turns into ocean, that i shed when i think of pains she endured
blessed i am always amalay to be your child......

let me go through fires, let me bear the most unbearable pain
if that brings even the slightest smile on my dear mother's face.
make me rot in hell, make me suffer to the extremes unknown
but never let a tear of sorrow roll through my mother's cheek.
lord of karma, incline all my karmas to be my mothers child,
in all the lives to come and be embraced in her motherly love  forever and forever.............

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

unsaid will be left unknown forever ???

unsaid won't be left unknown forever,
unuttered wasn't unknown ever 
the unheard isn't impalpable
unexpressed doesn't imply negation of emotions.

Amidst those noise i wanted to express 
things that matters the most
with words that shall hug your ears
with warmth and caress for years and years.

for i won't be there for you 
but i will always be there for you.
I promise our memories 
'll be the strength for me to rise,
for our memories shall make me cry
but i beg you never utter the word goodbye

for the last time i wanted to cry in your arms
whispering in your ears those untold things.
I told myself this ain't the last 
but tears drenched my heart
why is everything around me 
screaming, telling me that was the last.

i wanted to say i love you,
i believe, i hope your heart  knew,
this love is beyond love.
i never will miss you
for you will be in my heart eternally
and my heart is with me perpetually for ever and for ever .............

Thursday, June 6, 2013

let it be.....

beauty embraced by the horizon is lost
the moment you can touch it.
beauty of uncertainty is lost
the moment you know what future holds.

friends happen
love happens
miracles happen
from you sometimes something is taken
but my beloved friend you are being given,
something that matters, you have to learn
where and how is it being given
and then value it before it's too late

past ain't with you
future, let it be
Live the present moment, there lies the secret of bliss
it is this, the moments you have to seize
cuddle those "moments" before they cease.

I am none to opine
you are smart enough to fathom
that which is fine and that which is feeble
believe in yourself,
don't wait on the shore,
gazing at the waves expecting a miracle,
every "moment" is a miracle
accept it, value it,  nurture it and give it back to the world
for the world needs your love
for the world wants you to smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

sound of silence

silence speaks
you don't need to listen
compassion can't be heard
it makes you tremble with its power
compassion is the sound of silence
feel it, tears might rock your world.

your emotions vibrate
through silence they transmit
through the language of silence
a mother  feels the pain of her child
sweethearts feel the love of their sweetheart
friend feels the sanctity of friendship

i find peace exploring the extremes of silence
trees are calm and silent
mountains are still and zipped
lakes are mute and iced
yet they add life to our lives 
nature is mum
but it makes my eyes teary when i listen to the songs of nature

if i am silent it doesn't mean i don't exist
if i am silent it doesn't mean i do not care
if i am silent it doesn't mean i can't
if i am silent it doesn't mean i do not try

i might be existing somewhere
be it in someone's imagination.
i might care as much as you do
and may be more than you expected
i might scale good heights
may be touch the top someday
who knows
i might be giving my best

i smile when i hear the sound of silence
and then silence smiles back
it gives me hope
what if i am silent
i have so much to say
listen to the sound of silence
and i have so much to explore

songs of silence i sing
sound of silence i listen
silence smiles
and i smile back
i find peace in silence
i find hope in silence.

silence smiles
and i smile back

Monday, April 1, 2013

beautiful you are...

you love me more than i can imagine
may be my world of  imagination is limited
or your love is beyond infinity,
beauty is in your love
beautiful you are more than words can ever express

free i feel whenever you are around,
free from sorrows, 
freedom that i had known with you is free from freedom.
freedom is in your love 
beautiful you are, free me not from this freedom.

i only wish 
impermanence of the impermanence phenomena
so that i can admire your love for ages to come, aeons to go,
i only wish
i can freeze time 
so that we live forever
beautiful you are, stay as you are..........

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

nature nurture me, oh ! heavenly ladakh....

cool breeze kissing your cheeks at the dawn 
aroma of mother earth soothing you
melodies of birds comforting you
sound of silence making you tremble
that is how i feel early in the morning when i am home
and i miss it dearly. 

divine prayers all around
makes me feel like a heaven-ling.
Blessed are the people born there in heavenly ladakh
and i get Blessings from Blessed People whole day.

the crystal clear night sky, 
want to be lost into the innumerable stars
Dear Moon, your scars
far more adorable than the all the fake beauties( in delhi )

and in winter:

Snow capped ladakh, i miss the khapolok
 icy streams, i want to roll over,
oh Sun i wanna cuddle you for your warmth energize me.
Nature Nurture me and turn me into one of your messengers to spread LOVE 
Nature make me your sound that VIBRATES the universe
Nature  accept me and may i dissolve in THAT MOMENT. 
Nature may i be lost in YOU. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

but i wont lose my faith.....

i wish not to fly beyond Wonderland,
but i will come back, Wonderland, 
when the time is perfect, Wonderland
you have always given me a wonderful ME to myself, Wonderland
i haven't lost my faith, Wonderland..... 

for you are definitely the master of your own destiny,
i am the only slave of my fate,
for you can never be mistaken, 
tell me where and when did i take the wrong turn... 

embrace me with the beauty of your imagination,
like i have been embraced.
make me a part of your creativity,
like i have been made. 

as vivid as clear sky are your thoughts,
you can never be wrong 
as pure as water from the mountains are your intentions
you can never be mistaken....

tell me where and when did i take the wrong turn, 
even if you don't 
i won't lose my faith,
for i have tried to be as good as possible, 
tell me my wrong turn, 
for i will try not to look back,
tell me how can i mend it?
I won't lose my faith
for i tried to be the best ME.