Tuesday, March 19, 2013

nature nurture me, oh ! heavenly ladakh....

cool breeze kissing your cheeks at the dawn 
aroma of mother earth soothing you
melodies of birds comforting you
sound of silence making you tremble
that is how i feel early in the morning when i am home
and i miss it dearly. 

divine prayers all around
makes me feel like a heaven-ling.
Blessed are the people born there in heavenly ladakh
and i get Blessings from Blessed People whole day.

the crystal clear night sky, 
want to be lost into the innumerable stars
Dear Moon, your scars
far more adorable than the all the fake beauties( in delhi )

and in winter:

Snow capped ladakh, i miss the khapolok
 icy streams, i want to roll over,
oh Sun i wanna cuddle you for your warmth energize me.
Nature Nurture me and turn me into one of your messengers to spread LOVE 
Nature make me your sound that VIBRATES the universe
Nature  accept me and may i dissolve in THAT MOMENT. 
Nature may i be lost in YOU. 

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