Saturday, February 16, 2013

but i wont lose my faith.....

i wish not to fly beyond Wonderland,
but i will come back, Wonderland, 
when the time is perfect, Wonderland
you have always given me a wonderful ME to myself, Wonderland
i haven't lost my faith, Wonderland..... 

for you are definitely the master of your own destiny,
i am the only slave of my fate,
for you can never be mistaken, 
tell me where and when did i take the wrong turn... 

embrace me with the beauty of your imagination,
like i have been embraced.
make me a part of your creativity,
like i have been made. 

as vivid as clear sky are your thoughts,
you can never be wrong 
as pure as water from the mountains are your intentions
you can never be mistaken....

tell me where and when did i take the wrong turn, 
even if you don't 
i won't lose my faith,
for i have tried to be as good as possible, 
tell me my wrong turn, 
for i will try not to look back,
tell me how can i mend it?
I won't lose my faith
for i tried to be the best ME.