Saturday, April 28, 2012

where is the life??

can't you see people suffering?
all i can see is in-contentment and worrying
tell me who is happy??
as far as the wanting is there
you can never be happy,

                                             people don't understand, happiness, 
                                             what they are seeking is momentary happiness,
                                             you achieve something and you think you have achieved happiness,
                                             you have rather achieved a reason to be in the state of non-happiness.

As, the very next moment you want more,
and again you perspire in accomplishing the next wish,
this is what we call cycle of Samsara.
(timoog nyid la tsimgyu med
  khorway las la tsargyu med)

                                            { never will i realize what i say,
                                              neither will you ponder what i say,
                                              this is the problem with the world
                                              what they say, they never practice, }
I ain't writing a poem,
cause for sure i ain't a poet,
but i have one thing to say,
this ain't the way, this ain't the way,
venture out, venture out,
look into the sky, see what the sky is trying to show,
listen into the silence, hear what silence has to say,
this ain't the way this ain't the way

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

in the end it does matter........

as mellifluous as the music is for ears,
as beautiful as you are to me,
as deep as the imaginations,
as fathomless are my feelings ,

                                                          effulgent you are than sun,
                                                          bless me with the rays of your love.
                                                          I fell in love with your eyes,
                                                          I fell in love with your style,
                                                          I fell in love with your existence in every way,
                                                          I fell in love with the way and to the extent I Love You,
                                                          I fell in love, that you don't love me.
                                                          i fell in love with you.............

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

facing death

Someday you have to face death. well, anyone who is born is sure to face death. Death is a negative energy, that is how we perceive it to be. but Tsogyal  Rinpoche who wrote the tibetan book of living and dying, has got completely something else to say. He says rejoice in death, while we are alive we never think of death and when the death comes it is too late to regret over things you haven't done and over the things you have done. How the thought of dying can be an optimistic vision? Well it is very obvious that if we think of death then we know the value of life, when we think of death then only we will know how to live. At the time of death what we think becomes the seed for the next life, I had this confusion always that how mere thought becomes the energy that determines our next birth? so i asked Tsogyal rinpoche la this question that how is this logical, so he responded as for example during my exam if i forget whatever i learnt then i might flunk and the next moment while he was saying he interrrupted himself and said no that isnt a good analogy, so then he said that it is logical. then he was explaining some things, some general things. the point i have here is that i was trying to make a connection with the master, (i know very naive to think like that or may be very wise, may be at some point of practice, he might help me)and yes my doubt was genuine. i was wondering about the thing since a long time, may be i have the question still unanswered in my mind. Responding to one of the question Rinpoche la said to that person "we have made a connection." I am sure that peerson is lucky(again very fool to think like that) . And then in the end he said if one reads his book(actually read, as in again and again quite mindfully) it is equal to having a teacher, he was insisting to read it again and again !!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In search of myself

why would one search for oneself??? 
when i try to speak something , i am scared, who knows one might contradict or one might not like it, so i end up not speaking.
when i try to do something, i am scared, what might a person who is well learned than me will think and how might he react? and i end up doing nothing...
i feel that the liberty i have in my imaginations is something that has been specially made for people like me, who has no confidence, who has indeed no talents !
I was wondering that someday will come when perfection will be acquired and then i will speak and then i will do. Haha!! that day will never come.

I am looking for who i am and what am i supposed to do?? i have no idea, may be i keep it on god, that he will take care of my tomorrow ! i have never realized that god is a concept that we have built, God is your own karma, if u do good, god will do so to you and the other way round too !! if you are reading this blog, you must be confused that what is that i am trying to convey??? to be frank even if I read this after a month, i will be like omg! what a confused man !!!