Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In search of myself

why would one search for oneself??? 
when i try to speak something , i am scared, who knows one might contradict or one might not like it, so i end up not speaking.
when i try to do something, i am scared, what might a person who is well learned than me will think and how might he react? and i end up doing nothing...
i feel that the liberty i have in my imaginations is something that has been specially made for people like me, who has no confidence, who has indeed no talents !
I was wondering that someday will come when perfection will be acquired and then i will speak and then i will do. Haha!! that day will never come.

I am looking for who i am and what am i supposed to do?? i have no idea, may be i keep it on god, that he will take care of my tomorrow ! i have never realized that god is a concept that we have built, God is your own karma, if u do good, god will do so to you and the other way round too !! if you are reading this blog, you must be confused that what is that i am trying to convey??? to be frank even if I read this after a month, i will be like omg! what a confused man !!!

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