Tuesday, December 23, 2014

i ain't but I AM

i perceive but what?
i learn but why?
i grow but how?
i pray but whom?
i go but where?
i live! but not a life!  

if you really can, whom are you waiting for?
if it's worth, what is it that is holding you?
if you care, why don't you share?
if not now, then when? 
if you have, don't hesitate! 
if life is, it is here, not there! 

you are, because others are,
we are, because we were,
live not because you have to,
live because 'you' and 'i' are but one!
life is but precious! 
life is but worth living for!

life is! but here! not there!
love is all that you are made of! 
look not backwards, look not beyond 
look right here! look right now!
for the questions of all, answers are here! right now! 

i am but i ain't. 
i ain't but I AM!

Friday, December 19, 2014


(In this materialistic life, one forgets to see beyond oneself. There is a whole new world, a mere shift in perspective can make you experience beauty of life beyond oneself, beyond I, ME, MINE.)

In the labyrinth of life 
I am so mesmerized by MYself,
I have lost my real sight,
into MYself I am consumed.
I have to stop by 
the Garden of my life (that embraces 
fragrant flowers,
gentle breeze,
melancholy birds,
thorns that are crowned with roses ,
the whole nature cuddled in that garden.)

I wonder why do I not wonder that
the thorns help me grow,
while the wild winds caress me with its arms,
ferocious currents water my garden,
melodies of nature unite me with the universe
I venture, venture deep into the beauty of the garden......

The garden that I ignored before now blossoms.
Blissful like never before,
I rejoice, for the garden of my life blossomed into 
the flawless garden of love,
with the wings of beauty I fly into the infinite 
the infinite flows into me. 
I am the infinity, infinity is me.
and now I am not the "I" I remember !!!