Friday, December 19, 2014


(In this materialistic life, one forgets to see beyond oneself. There is a whole new world, a mere shift in perspective can make you experience beauty of life beyond oneself, beyond I, ME, MINE.)

In the labyrinth of life 
I am so mesmerized by MYself,
I have lost my real sight,
into MYself I am consumed.
I have to stop by 
the Garden of my life (that embraces 
fragrant flowers,
gentle breeze,
melancholy birds,
thorns that are crowned with roses ,
the whole nature cuddled in that garden.)

I wonder why do I not wonder that
the thorns help me grow,
while the wild winds caress me with its arms,
ferocious currents water my garden,
melodies of nature unite me with the universe
I venture, venture deep into the beauty of the garden......

The garden that I ignored before now blossoms.
Blissful like never before,
I rejoice, for the garden of my life blossomed into 
the flawless garden of love,
with the wings of beauty I fly into the infinite 
the infinite flows into me. 
I am the infinity, infinity is me.
and now I am not the "I" I remember !!!

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