Saturday, April 28, 2012

where is the life??

can't you see people suffering?
all i can see is in-contentment and worrying
tell me who is happy??
as far as the wanting is there
you can never be happy,

                                             people don't understand, happiness, 
                                             what they are seeking is momentary happiness,
                                             you achieve something and you think you have achieved happiness,
                                             you have rather achieved a reason to be in the state of non-happiness.

As, the very next moment you want more,
and again you perspire in accomplishing the next wish,
this is what we call cycle of Samsara.
(timoog nyid la tsimgyu med
  khorway las la tsargyu med)

                                            { never will i realize what i say,
                                              neither will you ponder what i say,
                                              this is the problem with the world
                                              what they say, they never practice, }
I ain't writing a poem,
cause for sure i ain't a poet,
but i have one thing to say,
this ain't the way, this ain't the way,
venture out, venture out,
look into the sky, see what the sky is trying to show,
listen into the silence, hear what silence has to say,
this ain't the way this ain't the way

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