Monday, August 27, 2012

0405hr on 8th august 2012.......

i heard that heart healS with time,
but for me time has ceased ,
i remember the gentle touch of yours
that maneuver all my sorrows away
                i committed a mistake
                i can never take back my mistakes
                but give me a chance fOr penance
                i will even move a mountain.
as i can Feel the pain i have caused you
i want to pamper you for the rest of my years.
i wanna capture the panorama of feelings that i have for you,
how pitiful i am, as i realize it only by now
                i am less worried about my feelings
                I am even scared to imagine how i made                    you feel
                i had lost my mind that i didn't value it
                it is futile to regret now.

the sAcrifices you made for me
i cant repay even in MY hundred lives afterwards
how coward i was,-scared to confess before the world about your love
still you loved me whatever the matter was.
               how dumb of me to get freaked about silly things
               i miss those as they were the gentle expressions of your deepest love.
my dear i realized love is not meant for a man like me
neither do i deserved to be loved nor am i deserving enough to love someone
it was your humble heart and sweetest emotions that made me feel how it feels to be LOVEd and to love.....

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