Monday, August 27, 2012

Imagineers.. (curves.. )))

utopia, the "wonderland"
where dreams come to an end 
and you are reSonating 
at the ultimate frequency Of     Nature.
     imagine A world of your            own,
     birds chirping for you
     rivers flowing towards you
     fresh green carpet of grass        only for you,
     stars shining and falling at         your feet,
this is where i belong, 
Meditating on the gentle sound of breeze
in search of wisdom, i wonder in the wonderland
bestowed upon me by a generous, kindhearted person.
     bestowed upon me is the optimism,
     bestowed upon me is the friendship,
     bestowed upon me is the time, (that person spends with me)
     bestowed upon me is the WonderlanD 
     by the generous kindhearted person.

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