Tuesday, June 11, 2013

unsaid will be left unknown forever ???

unsaid won't be left unknown forever,
unuttered wasn't unknown ever 
the unheard isn't impalpable
unexpressed doesn't imply negation of emotions.

Amidst those noise i wanted to express 
things that matters the most
with words that shall hug your ears
with warmth and caress for years and years.

for i won't be there for you 
but i will always be there for you.
I promise our memories 
'll be the strength for me to rise,
for our memories shall make me cry
but i beg you never utter the word goodbye

for the last time i wanted to cry in your arms
whispering in your ears those untold things.
I told myself this ain't the last 
but tears drenched my heart
why is everything around me 
screaming, telling me that was the last.

i wanted to say i love you,
i believe, i hope your heart  knew,
this love is beyond love.
i never will miss you
for you will be in my heart eternally
and my heart is with me perpetually for ever and for ever .............

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