Thursday, June 6, 2013

let it be.....

beauty embraced by the horizon is lost
the moment you can touch it.
beauty of uncertainty is lost
the moment you know what future holds.

friends happen
love happens
miracles happen
from you sometimes something is taken
but my beloved friend you are being given,
something that matters, you have to learn
where and how is it being given
and then value it before it's too late

past ain't with you
future, let it be
Live the present moment, there lies the secret of bliss
it is this, the moments you have to seize
cuddle those "moments" before they cease.

I am none to opine
you are smart enough to fathom
that which is fine and that which is feeble
believe in yourself,
don't wait on the shore,
gazing at the waves expecting a miracle,
every "moment" is a miracle
accept it, value it,  nurture it and give it back to the world
for the world needs your love
for the world wants you to smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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