Sunday, June 23, 2013

an ode to you amalay, my dear mother,

in the abyss of your love, i want to be lost forever,
for nothing sacred than your love, had i experienced ever,
your love runs through my veins, my fleshes made from your pains
never can i repay you even  in hundred lives to come,
hardships you've resisted amalay, just to make me smile,
for you, i know that crossing mountains of thorns barefooted is nothing, if that makes you happy,
you've gone through unimaginable pains, fought with your abilities always,
but never will you let me be in pain for your love is beyond everything on this planet.

all the sacrifices made in this world are shallow
when it comes to the depth of my dear mother's sacrifices,
agonies we talk everyday,  those agonies are hollow
my mother has gone through torments as hot as fire, as stormy as hurricanes
only so that i can bask in the sunshine and admire the rainbow after the hurricanes
upon seeing your altruistic love towards me,
heavenly beings can't cease their watery eyes from tears.

of all the glories, if any, have i ever acquired,
being your child is the only glory where i consider myself the luckiest.
blessed i am to be wrapped in your aura,
your love-ated blood that runs through my arteries cleanse my soul everyday

similes, metaphors, words, can't pour out my feelings
you should see the way i tremble when i feel my mother's love ,
the tears that turns into ocean, that i shed when i think of pains she endured
blessed i am always amalay to be your child......

let me go through fires, let me bear the most unbearable pain
if that brings even the slightest smile on my dear mother's face.
make me rot in hell, make me suffer to the extremes unknown
but never let a tear of sorrow roll through my mother's cheek.
lord of karma, incline all my karmas to be my mothers child,
in all the lives to come and be embraced in her motherly love  forever and forever.............

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