Monday, May 5, 2014

battling with your Heart.....

I know that impermanence is a reality in this supposedly real world, but far away from reality, when it comes to you, I forget everything and forget you are not the same as you were a fraction of seconds ago.What I find is that you are you, the one who was there a while ago and will be there a little later and forever.
Call it love or call it madness......

My eyelids touch and our universe appear, 
my vision become so vivid, I see you,
my senses become so sensitive, I feel you
Never would I unclose my eyes, had it been Real,

I battle with my heart telling its real
Its you who shove me away telling its unreal
I battle with us, saying I love us, no matter what real is, what unreal is.
If only you could realise real is none, neither my world nor our universe 
may be then will you let me linger in this limbo of ours.

You've never complained, you've shown great patience,
I am indebted to you as you're there for me always in our universe,
you've helped me like noone else did, you care for me like I'm your world.
I will repay you with all the love I have  
although my love will fall short to repay, but love isn't a game. 
we will rise and we will shine 
I will be with you and you will be with me.
I believe 
you are mine and I am yours,
and if i believe what else matters?

your heart is in my heart battling with emotions..
your love is in my blood wrestling with aliens..
your smile is in my eyes blurring  my visions..
you are with me forever, we are creating memories out of memories.

I am battling with my heart and I am battling with my heart 
I know its real, I believe you are there, I belive someday we will rise........................

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