Sunday, May 24, 2015


beautiful were the times
when all we worried about was 
how to sneak out of the house
without being caught by our parents
playing for long hours 
those were real good times
playing with friends 
friends who had no expectations 
friends with whom we used to fight 
but the very next moment 
we become more than friends - brothers.
No comparisons about the faces
that had to be made just to 
overcome the furious state of the elders
after we did something unworthy 
but then no vengeance, no retaliation

real good times were those
the streams, the lonely roads, the trees,
mountains or anything natural
(all that we NOW find click-worthy or pic-worthy)
used to be FUN-worthy
where we used to play until our body ached
where we used to laugh until our lungs came out
but then none of the acts were fed to our ego. 


when everyone is lost into 
the business of feeding their EGO

why can't we just STOP and start LIVING 
why can't we just UN-grow and become a KID again.

I don't want to grow, if growing is growing my ego.
as always it's easier said than done. :( 

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