Friday, April 10, 2015


happiness is all around

look to your left, -happiness 
look within, -happiness
look with your eyes closed, -happiness
look even without looking, -happiness

i paint the canvas of my life with sorrow 
the canvas was pure, unadulterated
why did i draw only 'sorrow' ?
when drawing 'happiness' was also an option ?
perhaps because out of mud blooms lotus 

at times i feel
----empty endurance leading me to the land of nowhere
but then who cares? when the pain i endure is a pleasure in disguise 

happiness is ephemeral, sorrow is forever 
happiness is subdued by the thirst for more happiness
while sorrow endures and pervades our life 

hey everyone of you!
seize the happiness, freeze the time 
live happily forever, 
so much happily that even 'forever' be just a blink of an eye.
seize infinite happiness,
live infinitely happy,
in the infinite space of joy ,
until the infinity of time. 


Tolstoy said--- "happiness is an allegory, unhappiness is a story"

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