Wednesday, March 18, 2015

share a smile, the world needs one, needs two, needs many

. .
. .
well . . . . .
well . . . . .
you and i have problems to deal with?
there are sentient beings worrying about what to eat,
there are people struggling for a refuge ,
humans battling to guard themselves from the war of cold
alas! the list goes on 

you and i have a problem to be taken care of? 
problems like how to shed the fats off?
worries like where to wander off for this weekend? 
are you tensed about what to cover your flesh with, for the party? 

you and i can do wonders
and i know you are willing 
an  act of aid be it as trivial as insignificant, can do wonders
when you have nothing to offer 
offer them a penny of smile, 
when you have nothing to feed them with
feed them a teaspoonful of hope mixed with sweets of faith

if you can't help them 
at least help yourself 
your problems are not problems in real sense
your worries are only a matter of perspective 
if you can't help them
at least help yourself to cheer yourself up
and today if you smile 
i have done my part 
now it is your turn to bring a curve on someone else's 
everything in this universe is bridged 
today if you smile 
tomorrow someone else will 
someday everyone will....... 
and may be one day even i might.....

...  the world is forgetting how to smile in the pursuit of comfort, joy, and stability which they hardly acquire because people are forgetting what they are looking for is already there, you just have to unveil it with a smile.... so smile and say "curves".... 

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