Monday, March 2, 2015

you, you are the only one!!

i shine but 
   only with the radiance of your benign love
i exist but 
   only in the world of your endearing memories
i live but
   in the dreams of our togetherness.

your heart is pure           (i know)
your love is gentle         ( i feel)
your heart is generous   (i see) 
your touch is heavenly. (i sense) 

the angels all around-
dare not take her away from me
for she is the reason i breathe 
i breathe in our memories, 
and all i breathe out is my love for her
i feed myself with her care
for people all around 
taste my blood 
that alone will testify
the depth of my words.

you are the one i loved
the one i will, 
the one i adore, 
you, you are the only one!!

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