Saturday, March 7, 2015

the equilibrium

I have a feeling that the equilibrium of my life has been disturbed!! Chaos!
Who is held responsible for the chaos? The thing that led to the chaos can not be determined!

I am not sure whether to call it a Chaos? or a bliss? or nothing?
It for sure is not a bliss as of now, may be at some point it might turn into a bliss.  Only time has the answer.

When and how does a system of equilibrium disturbed? I can not imagine our earth deviating from its own axis and start with a new orbit? what will happen to our seasons? the beautiful summer, chilly winter, awesome spring and lovely autumn, will those seasons ever exist? or will it be just some winter always? Although I won't complain much if it is always lovely summer.
But I can not imagine something bad, if something like that happens(god forbids), I think we will have a hard time but time will heal everything and hopefully we will cope up and tell our grandchildren nice stories about the beautiful nature, lovely seasons.

So, the equilibrium has been disturbed, i can not do much because any system to be in equilibrium needs more or less equal and opposite reactions to occur( as I studied in chemistry somewhere.)
I wished to be in such an equilibrium that won't be affected by any catalyst no matter how reactant the catalysts are. I also did not wish for a static equilibrium system, i wanted it to be a dynamic one.  but alas the system has been catalysed, time played its roles , the circumstances or the ambience in which the chemical reaction took place played its vital roles. Nothing can be blamed, nothing can't be blamed.

Well equilibrium sure is some thing very nice and rare.

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