Saturday, March 14, 2015

i wish


i was alone
you were accompanied
i was not at home
you were surrounded by best people.
i was helpless
you didn't care at all
or may be you did
but that wasn't enough
i stood for you in the worst of my times
i backed you in all the bittersweet phases of your life
you abandoned me when
i needed you in subtlest of ways
you surrendered when
it was your time to express...
i am happy for your success 
but i am sad for myself...
for all these years 
the dreams i built 
shattered into pieces 

i wish 
  i don't lose the faith in humanity 
  i don't lose faith in myself 
  i start living like nothing matters 
  i start acting like it never was true 
  i wish i never think of you all the time
  i wish i could just hibernate for days, for years..
i just wish and why all the wishes are limited to wishes 
i wish a miracle happens 
i wish that i do not  wish anything at all........

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