Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ultimate reality ! I just am writing something I have in my mind, my understanding of the concept of emptiness. I think if I write down, it is a sort of meditation, it might help me overcome problems in my life that I am facing presently. Also by writing this, I will get to know someday where was I wrong. 

Practice Compassion along with wisdom (that realizes emptiness of intrinsic nature), known as great compassion. Practice tolerance, meditate, use it as a tool to realize emptiness (of inherent nature).

Emptiness is not nothingness, emptiness is empty of inherent nature of things, be it a person or any thing. Emptiness can be explained from theory of interdependence, every thing arises out of certain causes and conditions, if the cause ceases to exist, the effect won't be seen anymore. If everything arises out of causes and conditions , it means everything is dependent, nothing exists of its own! That is what emptiness is all about, emptiness means empty of inherent nature of things and not nothingness. Emptiness can be supported with the great Middle way. Emptiness is not nothingness, nothingness being one of the extremes, and the other extreme is existence (or conventional existence). 
If we believe that every thing exist as it is, we are bound to get attached, we should look beyond (through the wisdom of emptiness). We are in living in such a world as of now. We are attached to people, we are attached to things. This is because you don't see the 'parts' differently, you just grasp the idea of a 'whole' that deceives you into thinking that, that 'whole' has a real existence in space and time. So  clinging to this extreme, we are suffering, we are attached, we are bonded.
     The other extreme, that is 'nothingness,' if you cling to this, (that emptiness is nothingness, nothing is real, nothing is really existing, ) then you are bound to go crazy(hehe or may be something not good).
If emptiness is not nothingness, what is it? Emptiness is the "womb of potential," because of emptiness everything is possible! everything ! Emptiness of emptiness (think) is also possible !
Because of emptiness you can liberate yourself from cyclic existence, from attachment, from ignorance, there is potential in you to become a Buddha yourself. 

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