Friday, March 13, 2015

don't get emotionally attached

strength is all I have got
be strong! 

i fought a fight of a great warrior,
for sure there were many barriers...
i resisted the strong emotional tides
i withstood the hurricanes of love
but i gave up, i had to.. 

the winds of change were vehement
dreamy desires subdued the glory of love 
love fell short infront of ambitions.
memories of wonderland ran into no-where-land.

worried i am not, for i gave up all that i had 
i don't have dreams to bait 
but i would have given all that i owned...
imperfect, penniless and helpless i am 
i had only my love to offer

i love you but
don't get emotionally attached.
i miss you but
don't get emotionally attached 
i know attachment ain't good.

be strong my dear 'me' ... you have to help yourself , noone else going to come ..karma is playing its role.. be positive stay strong stay strong stay strong dear 'me' 

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